The End of the World As We Know It

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Story So Far-Aftermath
At last a well-earned vacation

After the battle, the party eventually tracks down where all the combatants had ended up, and to everyone’s amazement and relief, there were no casualties: Although some were heavily wounded. The wounded, including Maya and Elya, are taken into care, and there are many who are a long time healing: Although Elya was more grieviously wounded than Maya, she was back on her feet within a couple of weeks, while Maya lingered in her convalescence, and did not seem to recover despite a lack of visible wounds. She quickly got tired of hovering, worried visitors: Except for Erris, who she didn’t seem to mind at all.

After about a couple of weeks, there was a celebration of the victory, and of the permanent closure of the gate to Chaos: And that evening, those in all four Sanctuaries found that the doors were locked open to the other three, without the need of a Key Bearer to open the way. On that night, everyone found themselves in the southernmost Sanctuary, a place which appeared to be an island, surrounded by salt water, with warm sand beaches…and a drink that many from the northern Sanctuaries were not familiar with, something called…rum. Many things fell that evening, though no blows were struck. Things such as people, inhibitions and clothing.

And with no enemies to fight, and all their needs provided for, there was nothing for the survivors to do but rest, heal…and breed. And with no illness, and perhaps from Gaia’s influence, or perhaps it was something in the water—a sneaking suspicion of Elya’s—it was not just one child at a time that was being birthed. For the most part, all the births went well, although sadly, one mother and child perished together in childbirth, a somber reminder that even here, death was still a reality.

Gottfried and Mari found themselves with identical twin boys, as did an elated Marius and his wife. A year later, Gottfried and Mari had triplets, two identical girls and a boy: A girl, then a boy, then the girl were born.
Bjerta and Perrin shortly announced their betrothal, and a grand wedding was had. They found themselves the proud parents of triplets, as well.
Maya soon found herself expecting as well…and gave birth to triplets.

Elya received a messenger from Shinjo, one of the four water Key Bearers: Shinjo, it seemed, was not only a Key Bearer, but a ruler in his own land. And he made an offer to Elya, asking her to bear his children, and offering to name them into his household. When Elya confessed that she was unable to carry, he extended the offer to Tyranna as well, and they accepted: And within a year Tyranna gave birth to two sets of identical twins, two boys and two girls.

The 888th day approached. It turned out the former Winter and Summer Knights had, with the help of Oberon, formed a new court, the Autumn Court. And the King of Mercier decided to stay in the land of the fae as well, and became the king of the new Spring Court.


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